Epic Games Raises Fortnite V-Bucks Prices

If you're looking to top your Fortnite wallet off with some more V-Bucks, you might want to do it sooner rather than later. That's because V-Bucks are about to be more expensive once with prices being raised once again, and unlike last time where players were able to escape the previous price increases depending on what region they were in, there's a good chance these latest pricing updates will affect you now. The same applies to certain content "Packs" that are bought for a fixed dollar amount as opposed to with V-Bucks as well as the gifting option for battle passes since the pass can only be gifted with real money.

These price adjustments happen every now and then and largely only target specific regions, but this latest round of changes will hit some pretty sizable groups of players including those in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Eurozone countries, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States. The United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico were hit in the last round of changes which is why they're exempt this time around.

Fortnite's New V-Bucks Prices
Below is the chart that shows what the new prices are for V-Bucks and real-money packs across different regions with the new values in the United States found at the bottom in case those are what you're looking for. For context, 1,000 V-Bucks currently cost $7.99, 2,800 V-Bucks cost $19.99, 5,000 V-Bucks cost $31.99, and 13,500 V-Bucks cost $79.99. All of the changes will go into effect starting on October 27th with Epic Games providing some context in the announcement as to why the prices are going up, but that context largely equates to the typical reason of "economic factors such as inflation and currency fluctuations."

The good news for those who are recurring Fortnite Crew subscribers each month is that you won't have to worry about any pricing changes there. Epic Games said that the monthly subscription will maintain the $11.99 price that it's currently at, but future Packs not currently available right now that might come back in the future will experience similar changes just like the Packs shown in the chart.

"Please note: Fortnite Crew subscription pricing is not impacted by these changes," Epic Games said. "Prices for the following Packs will be adjusted when they are available again in a future rotation: The Final Reckoning Pack, Skull Squad Pack, Graveyard Drift Quest Pack, Saint Academy Quest Pack, Transformers Pack."

These changes to V-Bucks, while small adjustments overall, are the latest in a string of announcements that haven't sat well with the Fortnite community. The first of those announcements was shared recently when it was confirmed that Fortnite boss Donald Mustard would be stepping down, and shortly after that, Epic Games confirmed a round of layoffs affecting nearly 900 employees.

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doesn't bother me, don't play the game :D


Nice, because they aren't expensive enough already, lol.


Yeah that's beyond sad. Glad I don't buy them anymore lmao.

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