Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Team is Moving on to Cyberpunk 2, Director Says

CD Projekt RED has said a few times now that Phantom Liberty is to be Cyberpunk 2077’s one and only expansion, and as you may have expected, that still remains the plan now, in spite of the success that the developer is enjoying in the aftermath of the expansion and the base game’s impressive overhaul with Update 2.0.

In fact, the development team of Cyberpunk 2077 is ready to move on to its sequel. Last year, CD Projekt RED announced plans to work on a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, codenamed Project Orion, and in a recent interview with PC Gamer, Phantom Liberty’s game director, Gabe Amatangelo – who will also be directing the sequel – reiterated that though the development team will still do “some work” on the game, Update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty are its last major updates, with the team now moving on to Cyberpunk 2.

“2.0 and Phantom Liberty are the last big updates,” he said. “We’ll do a little something more, but those are the last big ones. Then it’s Cyberpunk 2. Or ‘Orion,’ I should say, whatever we end up naming it.”

Of course, there is the question of what proportion of the team will instantly be moving on to the sequel. CD Projekt RED has previously confirmed that a “big part” of Cyberpunk 2077’s development team is set to be shifted to the development of The Witcher 4. Meanwhile, the former’s core team will be moving to the developer’s North American wing, where Cyberpunk 2 will ultimately be developed by a team of 350-500 people– though presumably, it’ll be a while before the project gets to that stage.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is now available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Read our review of the expansion through here, where we awarded it a score of 9/10, and called it “an incredible expansion that boasts a gripping story, compelling characters, engaging moment-to-moment gameplay, and significantly improved progression mechanics.”

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well, if they are, hope they do better this time fr ffs lmao


More excited for a new Witcher wild hunt is amazing


I hope the second doesnt take another decade to make and its better than the first....


Damn how many games do they plan on going for as of recent

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