V Rising is Exiting Early Access in Q2 2024

Stunlock Studios, the developer behind vampire-based survival crafting game V Rising, has announced that the game will be exiting early access in Q2 2024. The studio made the announcement with a new dev blog post, elaborating on some of the content planned for the game’s launch.

As part of its path to exiting early access, V Rising is slated to get a new zone beyond the Hallowed Mountains, taking the game into an icy new area. The new zone will have a new enemy factions, new boss fights, and what the developers have described as the ultimate rival for players.

V Rising will also see some changes in other aspects, like cosmetics. Players will be able to customise their character’s outfits right down to minor details, even allowing players to use dyes to change the colours of their clothes. The game is also slated to get a new sitting animation that will allow players to finally use chairs.

In terms of gameplay, V Rising will be seeing an overhaul in how players progress through the game’s magic system. Spells will be more accessible in the early game, and might even be separated from V Bloods down the line. V Rising is also set to get live events down the line, where players will have to ally with other players or fight against them for valuable resources.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/v-rising-is-exiting-early-access-in-q2-2024


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does look promising. will be getting it fr


Runts Hell yea good for them ! This an amazing game ! Everyone should try it.

for a third person game like this. Graphics look great. Going to give a try


Hell yea good for them ! This an amazing game ! Everyone should try it.

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