Last of Us 3 Reportedly Closer to Releasing Than We Thought

A new report suggests The Last of Us 3 release date may be closer than we previously thought. Last week, we relayed word that it looked like The Last of Us 3 was in development based on an Instagram post from an actress that worked on The Last of Us Part 2. Following this up, a new comment from a well-known industry insider has suggested it's deeper into development than everyone thinks.

Quote tweeting a post noting that motion capture on the game may have started, Twitter user MyTimeToShineHello, the aforementioned insider and leaker, noted that motion capture work "started a long time ago." If this is the case, the game is likely pretty deep into development.

Every studio approaches motion capture differently, but typically it only happens when a game leaves pre-production and enters production. And even then it's often a little bit into production that the majority of motion capture begins. That said, every studio handles production differently, so take this bit with a grain of salt.

Speaking of grain of salt, take this report with a grain of salt as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't say anything else beyond the information above. Meanwhile, so far the mini report has not drawn any comment from Naughty Dog or PlayStation or anyone involved with the game. We don't expect this to change for a handful of reasons but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

As for the source, they've proven both reliable and unreliable in the past. Sometimes they are on the mark, other times they aren't. This is the case with most "insiders." All of this is to say, remember that this is not official information. In other words, it should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, it's a safe bet as it's been echoed and teased here and there, and a third game is inevitable, meaning it's a question of when not if.

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Yo this is lit. Cant wait for this and I seriously cant wait for the season 2 of the show


seriously looking forward to the 3rd TLOU :lipbite:


closer than we thought could still be a while though


I only played the first one on PS3 and it's an incredible game.


Never got the chance to play any but I have watched a lot of streams. - I do worry that it may be filled with bugs though especially when releasing earlier.

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