High on Life’s first paid DLC will be released next week

Squanch Games has confirmed the release date for High on Life’s first major DLC.

The expansion, which is titled High on Knife, was announced back in June but didn’t have a release date at the time.

Now it’s been confirmed that the DLC will be released on October 3, for the Xbox, PC and recently released PlayStation versions, though its price has yet to be confirmed.

High on Knife is a story expansion with a horror theme, and features voice acting by Saturday Night Live star Sarah Sherman.

“High On Knife is still freaking hilarious and weird, but we’re also getting a little spooky this time around,” Squanch Games CEO Mike Fridley said of the DLC when it was announced in June.

High on Life launched in December 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S, before coming to PS4 and PS5 in July 2023.

The comedy first-person shooter sees players partnering with talking guns to take down an alien cartel threatening humanity.

At launch the game broke several notable engagement records on Xbox Game Pass. According to Microsoft, it was the subscription service’s biggest release of 2022, its biggest third-party launch of all time, and its biggest single player-only game release at the time.

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hope there will be more DLCs coming soon


game looks funny and cool but In dont think I would pay for it let alone dlc, should be free lol


Awesome. I thought the game was too short. Cool to see a DLC coming out about it. I hope they come with some new achievements too

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