Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition Confirmed for PS5 and PC

Just over a year and a half after it first released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Horizon Forbidden West is getting a Complete Edition that's set to come to the PlayStation 5 as well as the PC platform. This won't exactly be surprising news to Horizon fans who've been keeping up with leaks since the game's been spotted more than once online prior to Wednesday's reveal, but the announcement can at least put to rest the rumors about the Complete Edition and talk of when it might come to the PlayStation console and PC.

Those platform releases won't happen at the same time, however. For those playing on the PS5, Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition will be available very soon on October 6th, but the PC version doesn't have a release date just yet. PlayStation has only said that the game will come to PCs at some point in early 2024, and when it does, it'll be available through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

By now, PlayStation is no stranger to rereleasing more complete versions of its games not far out from their initial releases, so PlayStation fans should be no stranger to this either. Horizon Zero Dawn got that treatment as did other games like Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. This Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition will follow suit by releasing with its Burning Shores DLC as well as other extras such as a digital comic and bonus in-game items.

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such a great addition for the PC gamers


Love how the psn games are on pc now as well , most are but some take a year or 2 to get on pc still


Glad to see its coming to the PC. Going to be fun


I really wanted to play it but again, it's only on the **** PSN & PC :(

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