Vampire Survivors Drops Patch 1.7 Trailer Ahead of Release

Vampire Survivors quickly became one of the hottest games in the world when it launched in late 2022 and that popularity has only increased. In fact, the team at poncle recently brought the game to the Nintendo Switch while also adding co-op support. That may not be the only update Vampire Survivor fans get in the back half of 2023 as poncle has recently dropped the first trailer for the upcoming Whiteout update. Unlike some of the other post-launch content, this will be a completely free update for everyone who owns the game, though that doesn't mean it won't be a significant chunk of content.

Poncle is keeping most of the details close to its chest, but it reveals that Whiteout will bring "a frosty new stage, a new character, weapon, and more." Granted, that's much smaller than the paid DLC we've seen in Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of Foscari, but it should still be a good chunk to keep players occupied while they wait for the next big expansion.

The new weapon appears to be called the Glass Fandango and attacks by sending out a white spike in whatever direction you're facing. There's also a new Relic called the Antidote which "allows [you] to buy the Defang PowerUp." We can't quite tell what that ability does in the trailer, but it does end by showing us the new character who is named She-Moon. Poncle doesn't reveal her trait, though it does show her using what must be the evolved form of the Glass Fandango. Obviously, we'll need to play it to be sure, but that particular weapon looks incredibly deadly.

Vampire Survivors Whiteout Release Date
Poncle didn't drop an official release date for the Whiteout update, but we can make some educated guesses. From its first announcement, it was a little over a month before fans got Patch 1.6. That patch might've been a bit meatier, but it seems like a good barometer for when we should expect Whiteout. After all, the team took a similar timeframe to release Patch 1.5 after announcing it in late April. That update was relatively small, so it likely lines up very well with Whiteout.

What's potentially more interesting is that we may be getting close to the announcement of the next expansion DLC. Patch 1.6 also brought a new engine to the game and poncle noted at the time that it would be adding features that were basically impossible in the past. It also confirmed that the leaked Directer's Cut is real and will likely be coming at some point. It seems very likely that we'll start to hear about all of that content very soon, potentially at this year's The Game Awards.

Vampire Survivors is out now on Xbox, Switch, mobile, and PC platforms. With the recently added co-op edition, now is a great time to get in on the game.

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oh hell yeah!! let's kill some vamps :lipbite:


could never ever see myself playing this smh


Not a game I would play but hey I am sure there are people that would play the hell out of this game


Definitely not a game I would personally play. Each to there own :p

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