Far Cry 7 Targeting Fall 2025 Launch

A report by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson claimed earlier this year that Ubisoft was working on two new Far Cry titles– Far Cry 7, set to be a single player experience, and a standalone multiplayer extraction shooter set in the Alaskan wilderness. Now, Henderson has published another new report in which he has revealed potential new details on the former’s story and narrative setup.

As per Henderson, Far Cry 7’s big, new hook will be a non-linear story that’ll come with a time limit imposed on players. The game will allegedly see players trying to rescue their family members from a conspiracy group known as “Sons of Truth”, and interestingly enough, the story will be told in non-linear fashion, which means having the freedom to rescue family members in any order.

The report further claims that the story will change based on players’ actions, which means some family members could potentially die while others survive, and that 100% completion of the story will require rescuing all members. At the same time, however, players will have a hard time limit within which to do that. As per Henderson, currently, that time limit is 72 in-game hours, which will translate to 24 hours in real-time- the report states that some details could still change, given that the game is still in development.

Far Cry 7 will allegedly also feature a new interrogation mechanic, and while enemies are being questioned, they can have varying responses, like telling the truth, lying, choosing to remain silent, or even trying to escape (and sometimes succeeding).

Henderson also claims that Far Cry 7’s development is being handled by Ubisoft Montreal. The studio was behind Far Cry 2, 3, 4, and 5, though Far Cry 6 was developed primarily by Ubisoft Toronto. Meanwhile, it’s also claimed that unlike past instalments, which were developed on the Dunia engine, Far Cry 7 is being developed on Massive Entertainment’s Snowdrop engine, which is used for the likes of The Division, Mario + Rabbids, and upcoming titles like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, XDefiant, and Star Wars Outlaws.

Allegedly, Far Cry 7 is targeting a Fall 2025 launch.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/far-cry-7-targeting-fall-2025-launch-will-feature-a-non-linear-story-rumour


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everything crossed this becomes a great one fr


stopped getting into these a while back but they do still look pretty good !


Ghost Great timing, probably will end up buying it. Only missed out 5 lol

Ah 5 was awesome man. You missed out for sure. New Dawn and 6 were awful in my opinion. Hopefully this is better


Great timing, probably will end up buying it. Only missed out 5 lol


Another one?? The last one flopped lets see if they can do this one right

love the far cry series


Now this is something to be hyped for!

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