Rainbow Six Siege Releases Master Chief Skin

Rainbow Six Siege has officially added Halo legend Master Chief to the game. Live service games are now a haven for crossovers, even with franchises that maybe don't quite fit in. Fortnite is essentially a virtual toy box come to life, allowing you to make the likes of Spider-Man, Batman, John Wick, and the Green Goblin all squad up and battle other massive characters. It helped popularize this trend and has led to industry juggernauts like Call of Duty to do the same. Later this week, Call of Duty's new season will release and focus heavily on the comic book character Spawn. Rainbow Six Siege, an extremely tactical FPS game, has also adopted this model in recent years.

We've seen other Ubisoft games crossover with Rainbow Six Siege as well as the WWE, but its latest crossover is probably its biggest to date. For about $20, players can buy a new Master Chief skin for Sledge. This comes after the character's appearance leaked about a month ago. The bundle will come with Chief's armor set which can be swapped out. If you just want to rock his helmet and keep on Sledge's other outfits, you can do that. If you just want Master Chief's helmet and put on one of Sledge's face masks, you can do that too. The bundle also includes a purple shotgun skin that looks similar to a Ghost or Banshee, a skin for Sledge's rifle which makes it look a bit like a battle rifle color-wise, and a skin for his side arm that makes it look close to the Halo universe. In addition to that, there's a Cortana weapon charm, some player card cosmetics, and a sick victory celebration animation with Chief's grappling hook and the glorious Halo music. It's a pretty cool bundle and once again shows Master Chief's one of gaming's most iconic heroes.

It's unclear whether or not Ubisoft plans to bring other characters from other non-Ubisoft gaming franchises at the moment. Xbox seems to be ok with lending out Master Chief to other games as he's also appeared in Fortnite. Players hoped he'd make his way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but that unfortunately never came to be.

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def looks so cool for R6 siege fr


oh wow I wouldnt have expected this ! Pretty dope collab !


Dayum that's pretty cool ngl, but I don't play R6S:(


Awesome skin to add. I would buy if I played this game.

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