Starbreeze CEO says Payday 3 team is looking into an offline mode

On Sept. 24, Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren said an offline mode for Payday 3 is potentially being added to the game.

Since its release last week, Payday 3 has encountered an absolute flood of server errors, and fans have not held back on expressing their frustration. While this news does bring a ray of hope, our prayers haven’t been answered just yet.

Sjögren’s statement was written in response to a streamer who said the game went “from a buy to a hard pass” when it was announced Payday 3 would be online only. In his response, Sjögren jokingly suggested Game Pass over hard pass before writing. “Jokes aside, been communicated by Andreas for example that team is looking at possibility to add some sort of offline mode,” he said on X (formerly Twitter.)

The person Sjögren was referencing in the tweet is Andreas Häll Penninger—the lead producer for Payday 3. We couldn’t find where Penninger apparently communicated a team is looking into a solo mode for the game, so perhaps it’s not online. Regardless, we’re willing to take the CEO’s word for it.

To be totally candid, Payday 3’s servers have been an absolute dumpster fire since release. The game itself is great fun, but so far, you’re rolling dice that are loaded against you every time you try to jump into a heist. Of course, offline play would solve that problem. Not only would it allow people to play the game even when the servers are down, but it would also significantly decrease the stress placed on servers as many people actually want to play alone regardless of server status.

Payday 3 doesn’t allow players to set any sort of preference for what sort of play style they want to use in a heist when searching for a match. Naturally, many (myself included), would rather play a heist alone than hope that the three strangers they’re paired with also want to keep things quiet and stealthy.

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Ghost Pretty sure it's Ben confirmed now, over on Twitter :o

well this isnt twitter ghost omg wait for it to come to ttg... spoilers geez


nevermind on "looking into", get it done ffs

and The Donkey King shouldn't replied with...
"Hard pass on the Game Pass"


Pretty sure it's Ben confirmed now, over on Twitter :o


um yeahh how was this not on release ? thats insane and sad af


Amazing. Offline mods never disappoint and tend to make the game fun

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