Dying Light 2 Reveals Fall and Winter Roadmap

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has revealed a roadmap for fall and winter. Based on the roadmap, it seems like there will be a lot of free content coming out within the next few months. This includes new missions, firearms, a tower raid mode, and more. Some of that new content will be coming next month, including an event centered around Halloween, and a crossover with Vampire: The Masquerade. November will also see a crossover event, this one centered on For Honor. Meanwhile, December will see a holiday-themed event, and players can expect an anniversary event in time for Dying Light 2's second anniversary in February.

The roadmap for Dying Light 2 can be found below.

While the roadmap includes release windows for several of these additions, it's a bit vague on others. Tower Raid's release window is unknown, but Techland did reveal that the mode will "include dungeon–type missions, inspired by rogue-lites, providing ever changing obstacles and game rules." We also don't know when to expect things like the game's free outfits, new enemy variants, or text chat. Interestingly enough, Techland noted that some of these ideas came from the Dying Light 2 fan community.

Nightmare Difficulty
One of the things that Dying Light 2 fans have been asking for over the last two years is a stronger difficulty level. That request will finally get answered with the addition of the Nightmare difficulty level. While it's been a long time coming, Techland offered an explanation about why it's taken a while. Apparently, the mode won't just make the enemies more difficult and the player weaker. Instead, a lot of consideration is going into how to ratchet up the difficulty in a way that makes sense and feels satisfying.

"...it won't be just about spiking the numbers and settings up, we're cooking hardcore, difficult experience for those who really like the challenge," the company wrote on Twitter. "Imagine it's the nighttime, you're desperate and there's a chance your flashlight's gonna fail the very moment you need it..."

Dying Light 2 Mod Support
The Dying Light 2 roadmap mentions that support is coming for community mods. Obviously mod support is something that PC users can look forward to, but Techland also noted that mods will be a priority on console as well. The studio was quick to note that not all mods will be supported on PlayStation and Xbox, but Techland will be trying to offer users as many as possible.

"We will support mods on console, but maybe not all of them, as it's possible that some of them won't be designed with consoles in mind and could cause performance problems. We will aim to have as many mods supported as possible," the company wrote on Twitter.

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oh hell yeah!! fall and winter roadmaps look so good


For some strange reason I bought/downloaded it and played for a day and never got back on it. Interesting stuff coming though.


Maybe I should pick the game back up


man an all snow map for winter would be so sick on here

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