Super Mario Bros. Wonder Trailer Gives Fans Over 6 Minutes of Gameplay

Aside from Detective Pikachu Returns, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is Nintendo's next big game that's coming out for the Nintendo Switch this year, and between trailers and hands-on previews of it, Mario fans have seen plenty of the game so far. In case what you've seen up until now hasn't been enough, Nintendo shared another trailer for the Nintendo Switch game this week to show off more than six minutes of gameplay featuring badges, powerups, the varied cast of Mushroom Kingdom characters that'll be in the game, and more that we'll see whenever Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases on October 20th.

The trailer in question is meant to be an overview of pretty much everything that's new in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, so if you've been following along with the game without missing a beat from the start, there may not be very much that's new to you here. But if you've lapsed on keeping up with big Elephant Mario, new badges to equip, the characters that you'll play as, and more, there's probably something to be learned from over six-and-a-half minutes of gameplay.

By now, players are probably at least familiar with Elephant Mario, the version of the Nintendo icon that sports a trunk and a considerably larger size compared to his human counterpart. Elephant Mario can do things like charging through destructible blocks, walloping enemies with his trunk, deflecting projectiles, and spraying water to interact with the environment. Other powerups include the Drill which lets Mario and others go underground while protecting their heads as well as the Bubble powerup which lets them shoot out bubbles to trap enemies.

Aside from those new powerups, a totally new feature in Super Mario Bros. Wonder which may look a bit familiar to those who've played some of the Paper Mario games includes the addition of badges that are used to augment characters with various effects. Some of the badges revealed so far that make appearances in the trailer include the Sensor badge that makes it easier to find important items as well as the Coin Magnet badge which makes it so that coins move towards you.

Of course, the roster itself is one of Super Mario Bros. Wonder's more attractive features for those who love Mario games but want the option to play as someone else for a change. The full roster includes 12 different characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, two Toads, Toadette, four different Yoshis, and Nabbit. The Yoshis and Nabbit are unique in the sense that they don't take damage when hit, but they aren't able to utilize the powerups that other characters can and instead have their own unique abilities to use.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on October 20th, and in addition to this new trailer, you can check out some of our hands-on impressions of the game via the video at the top.

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Quite unusual for trailers to drop much gameplay footage. Must have a lot of faith!


Runts They don't even change much but still a classic for most !

That is the beauty of Super mario games :lipbite:


Great trailer. Glad the added so much gameplay with this. Looks great


They don't even change much but still a classic for most !

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