EA Sports FC 24 Players Say New Feature Is "Best Addition in Years"

EA Sports FC 24 won't fully release on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X until September 29, however, those who have purchased the Ultimate Edition already have access to the full game, and have had access since yesterday. In other words, players have already gone hands on with the game, as well as its various modes such as Ultimate Team and Career Mode. To this end, one new addition to the former is being hailed as the "best addition in years."

By and large, Ultimate Team is just like it was in FIFA 23. And by and large, this is true every year. Much like the actual games themselves, Ultimate Team goes through a refinement process every year rather than a process of evolution. In other words, small changes and improvements rather than large changes and improvements. That said, one of the big selling points of this year's Ultimate Team is Evolutions, which allow players to improve cards. This is obviously great for younger gems who don't cut it normally in Ultimate Team because of their lower ratings. It remains to be seen just how EA will realize this feature going forward, but so far, players are loving it.

"Evolutions – the future of EA Sports. I just love this concept. And the possibilities are endless," reads the post. "It's by far the best addition in years. Hope they'll regularly update it," adds a comment in agreement.

While obviously fans are enjoying the addition, some are suspect that EA will fully realize its potential. Meanwhile, some are, in particular, worried that EA will ruin the feature with "heavy monetization" or forget about it like promising additions in previous years.

"It's a great concept but I cant help but think EA will definitely ruin it by heavy monetization in the future. Especially considering there are going to be icons in the future that can be evolved too," reads one comment on the post below. "Just gotta hope it doesn't go the way of moments. They made a huge deal of them last year and after the season there was never any content there," adds a second comment.

Evolutions - the future of EA Sports.
byu/heyyoho inEASportsFC

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Sounds like it's been a long time since anyone's seen anything "new" tbh


I wish the best of luck with their new feature


Runts My buddy no life's these games and says minus maradona not being in it it's one of the best lol

Well if that is the case I may need to go ahead and give it a shot


My buddy no life's these games and says minus maradona not being in it it's one of the best lol

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