NHL 24 Trailer Previews Hockey Ultimate Team Changes

A new NHL 24 trailer is out, this time detailing some of the bigger changes coming to Hockey Ultimate Team, or HUT, the card-collecting game within the game.

What’s new in NHL 24’s HUT?
The latest NHL 24 trailer is another deep dive from developer EA Sports and details some of the biggest changes to the mode, including the inclusion of HUT Moments. Much like their name suggests, HUT Moments will allow players to play through some of the most historic moments in hockey. The mode replaces HUT Challenges, which was the previous mode in HUT.

Similar to HUT Challenges, HUT Moments will let players earn rewards for their team by playing through them. Alongside the new moments mode, EA Sports is also tweaking how players can track objectives thanks to the Objectives 2.0 system.

This new tracking system helps make it easier to know what objectives might need to be completed in a game or for any other progress, and will be displayed in game when progress is made.

Another big change to the game comes in its shared economy. Thanks to NHL 24 featuring cross-platform play, EA Sports has also decided to make HUT’s marketplace cross-platform as well. This means that players on any platform will have access to the same in-game marketplace for cards, which theoretically should make finding fairly priced players easier.

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CalicoReidso always find the sport games are scam. every year there is always the same thing

copy and paste much? ffs

Some times I do question the same thing. Surely updating a game every year for 5 years is better than spending £60/70 a year lol


always find the sport games are scam. every year there is always the same thing

copy and paste much? ffs


Havent played NHL in years but about time they change something. Always the same game year after year


so glad im not into sports these games are a scam every year

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