Forza Motorsport Reveals Hakone Circuit and Lime Rock Park

Forza Motorsport’s launch is about three ways away now, and ahead of its looming release, developer Turn 10 Studios is continuing its rollout of new details for the racing sim. Recently, with a couple of new trailers, the developer showcased two more of the 20 tracks that’ll be available in the game at launch.

First up is Hakone Circuit, a fictional track in Japan that we saw also saw some glimpses of in recently released gameplay footage. Hokone Circuit will be one of five completely new courses being introduced to the series with Forza Motorsport’s launch.

The second track that has been revealed is American course Lime Rock Park. The track – which has been featured in past Forza Motorsport games as well – is a speedy downhill course with plenty of straights and not too many tight turns. Check out what both courses will look like in the upcoming game in the trailers below.

Forza Motorsport is set to launch on October 10 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Pre-loading recently went live, with the game requiring roughly 132 GB of storage space on consoles.

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Looks like a beautiful track ngl


Oh, I certainly like the circuits :P


Runts The Game is dog shite fr smh

Ill give you that the motorsport version of forza is mid but horizon is amazing. If you have not played it I would say give it a shot


The Game is dog shite fr smh

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