Total War: PHARAOH on Epic Games Store is Delayed to Early 2024

Publisher Sega and developer Creative Assembly have announced that the Epic Games Store release of upcoming strategy game Total War: PHARAOH is being delayed to early 2024. Curiously, the game is still coming to PC through Steam on its original October 11 release date.

According to Eurogamer, Creative Assembly has stated that the delay was in order to incorporate Epic Games Launcher’s social features into the game. The studio states that it was “recently asked to help support the integration of social functions before we can launch on the Epic Games Store, and we’ll need additional time to help make that happen”.

Whether this will make it difficult for the different PC releases of Total War: PHARAOH to feature crossplay hasn’t been elaborated on, since Steam’s social features tend to be incompatible with others, requiring publishers and developers to use their own social platforms for crossplay.

Total War: PHARAOH marks a return to history-based titles for Creative Assembly, following up on titles like Total War: Three Kingdoms and Total War Saga: Troy. The game is only slated for a PC release.

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Total war games was one of the 3 games I played on Pc


not my cup of tea, so to speak. not going to worry about it


Wont lose any sleep about this. This isnt a game for me. I am sure there are people who will play it but it doesnt look interesting at all

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