Rockstar is building its own tiny Game Pass

GTA Plus now includes a "rotating assortment of classic Rockstar Games titles," starting with the maligned Definitive Edition remasters of the classic Grand Theft Auto 3 trilogy.

Launched in 2022, GTA Plus is a $6 monthly subscription available in the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S version of Grand Theft Auto 5. It offers an array of benefits aimed at GTA Online members, including a monthly deposit of $500,000 for your in-game bank account, a selection of cars and bonus items, and regular boosts to cash and RP for various activities.

GTA Online players have remained skeptical of GTA Plus's value proposition, but now there's a major additional benefit: access to whole classic games. For now, those games are just the Definitive Edition remasters of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, but Rockstar says other classics from its catalog will rotate in. That catalog includes everything from Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption to Bully and Manhunt, so there's certainly a variety of potential inclusions here. (Personally, I'm holding out for Rockstar's Table Tennis.)

Those three GTA titles are bonafide classics that laid the groundwork for all the best open-world games that would follow, but these particular remastered editions were widely maligned at launch for numerous bugs and missing graphical features. Patches have fixed some of the collection's most egregious flaws, but the Definitive Editions still fall well short of being the remasters these classics deserve. But hey, at least you'll now be able to enjoy them as part of an extremely tiny, publisher-specific version of Xbox Game Pass.

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It's almost like they're dividing the market forcing games pass to offer more towards studios to allow there stuff to join games pass.


yeah, they have to earn more cash through their very own game pass fr


Rockstar is a sellout cash cow now a days. When they actually release a new game it's great( rdr2, GTA etc) but it seems they are more interested in re monetizing old games(over and over again) then making new ones.


Yeah I could see this being a hit for all of these gtas and the Rdr collection


Wish they would stop adding stuff for GTA online and releasing Old GTAs and release GTA 6...

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