Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Last week, a release date was revealed for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth during PlayStation's State of Play. With the game dropping in early 2024, Best Buy has now revealed its pre-order bonus for the PS5 title. Those that go through the retailer will receive a SteelBook case. The SteelBook appears to be the same one included in the game's Collector's Edition, which features Tifa, Aerith, and Sephiroth. Those that pre-order the Collector's Edition from Best Buy should end up with two of the cases as a result!

An image of the pre-order bonus can be found below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date
As revealed last week, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be releasing on February 29, 2024. As with Final Fantasy VII Remake, the game will launch as a PlayStation exclusive. Final Fantasy VII Remake was eventually released on PC after more than a year and a half. Things might be different this time, as Sony's exclusivity window is apparently just three months, lasting until May 29, 2024. A PC version of the game is an extremely safe bet, but it's unclear if Final Fantasy VII Rebirth might also come to Xbox Series X|S. Several different games in the series have been released on Xbox platforms, and 2024 will see Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox Series X|S.

That said, Final Fantasy VII Remake has not been made available on an Xbox system, so that would likely have to happen prior to the arrival of Rebirth. Square Enix has said that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be accessible to those that didn't play the previous game, but it's hard to imagine one game being made available on Xbox and not the other. For now, Xbox fans will just have to wait and see if either game arrives on their system of choice!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second chapter in a trilogy remaking Final Fantasy VII. While the game will feature familiar characters and locations, the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake showed players that events in this world won't be playing out in the exact same way. The previous game's conclusion saw Zack Fair alive and well, despite the fact that the character was dead prior to the events of the original Final Fantasy VII. Zack seems to be playing a major role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as evidenced by his inclusion on the game's box art. This has led some fans to believe that Aerith's fate might change in Rebirth, and we now know that the game will end at The Forgotten Capital; fans will have to play the game in February to see what happens!

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Definitely one of the most active news for gaming as far a FF7 goes.

Gotta love a bonus


I have never done a pre order on any game, and I will not start now fr


I dont know if I am going to pre order but will definitely be getting this game. I can live without pre order bonuses


pre order bonuses just arent what they used to be and anymore it dont matter for pre order you can get the game on release without a pre order and still get the items lmao

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