Lies of P Creators Address Game-Breaking Bug That Stops Progression

While Lies of P technically came out yesterday if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, developer Neowiz's new Souls-like is out today for everyone. With so many players jumping into the game for the first time, they were always bound to find various bugs and glitches during their journey through the gothic version of the classic Pinocchio tale. However, Neowiz was likely hoping those bugs would be relatively harmless. Unfortunately, that isn't the case as there is a game-breaking bug currently stopping players from progressing through Chapter 2 in Lies of P.

Neowiz doesn't have a hotfix ready yet, but they have announced a workaround that players can use to get around the issue as long as they haven't gone past a certain encounter in the game. There will be light spoilers for a Chapter 2 encounter below, so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled. However, you may run into the game-breaking bug if you don't follow these steps, so it's probably worth spoiling a boss name.

In its update about the bug, Neowiz says, "Before defeating the Chapter 2 Boss the "Scrapped Watchman,' if the players attempt to enter locked rooms within Hotel Krat, a game-breaking bug may occur preventing further game progression." Basically, don't try any of the locked doors in Hotel Krat until you take down the Scrapped Watchman. If you do that, you should be able to get around the issue, but if you've already hit the bug it looks like you'll need to wait for Neowiz to announce a fix. There's currently no information about when that might be coming, but it's already working on it, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

Just a few days before launch, Lies of P developers added the controversial Denuvo DRM technology. Of course, it's unlikely that this game-breaking bug has anything to do with the tech, but some fans are speculating exactly that on the game's Steam page, with one saying, "The curse of Denuvo strikes again." Again, it's highly unlikely that the two things are related, but it isn't surprising to see fans angry about Neowiz adding Denuvo.

The DRM tech is used to combat piracy in various ways, which is something most developers want to do. However, Denuvo has often been associated with games that have poor technical performance partly because of the resources needed to run the technology. Seeing Neowiz after Denuvo after reviews for Lies of P went live only makes the situation appear worse to fans hoping to play smooth, Souls-like combat. It remains to be seen if Denuvo will impact performance on a wide level, but it is an ongoing concern for many in the community. This new game-breaking bug has only made those worries more pronounced for that same group.

Lies of P is out now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Remember, if you're a Game Pass subscriber, you can get the game at no extra cost.

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Glitches and bugs are okay as long as they don't fully affect the game. This is a piss take lol


Performance has been great for me, 15 hours in and haven't had any performance related issues at all.


well, that certainly sux ass. one would think they would actually test the game out days before launching it ffs


Yikes. Hopefully they get that figured out and get this game in its prime. Good looking game so far from what I have seen


these are the worst bugs smh AC origins had this and you couldnt even play the game the first like week, you couldnot go past lvl 4 so you couldnt even further the campaign

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