Oblivion and Fallout 3 Remasters Leaked

According to some leaked Microsoft and Bethesda documents, both Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are getting remasters, presumably via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. Of course, it's possible the remasters will come to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5, but this seems unlikely. Whatever the cae, based on the documents, the remaster of Oblivion is coming first and could be ready to release sometime this year or next year, with the Fallout 3 remaster seemingly coming sometime between 2025 and 2026.

If this sounds familiar, it's because there have been rumblings of these two games getting remasters, and it seems the rumors were accurate. Unfortunately, the documents specifically mention these are going to be remasters, not remakes. In other words, they will still very much be games from a couple console generations ago, just touched up.

For those that don't know: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the fourth installment in The Elder Scrolls series. Released in 2006, it is widely considered one of the greatest RPGs ever made, as evident by its 94 on Metacritic. Meanwhile, the same can be said about Fallout 3, which came out in 2008. The third major installment in the Fallout series boasts a 93 on Metacritic.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: "In the shadow of evil, a hero will rise from the ashes of a fallen empire. The gates have been opened, and the battle has begun. Only one thing can save the world from Mehrunes Dagon and the demonic hordes of Oblivion. The true heir of the Septim line must be found and restored to the Imperial throne. The fate of the world rests in the hands of one. Find him, and shut the jaws of Oblivion."

Fallout 3: "Vault-Tec engineers have worked around the clock on an interactive reproduction of Wasteland life for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own vault. Included is an expansive world, unique combat, shockingly realistic visuals, tons of player choice, and an incredible cast of dynamic characters. Every minute is a fight for survival against the terrors of the outside world – radiation, Super Mutants, and hostile mutated creatures. From Vault-Tec, America's First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation.

At the moment of publishing, neither Xbox nor Bethesda have commented on this leaked information. We don't expect this to change for a handful of reasons, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accoridngly.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/the-elder-scrolls-oblivion-fallout-3-xbox-series-x-remasters/


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I'd 100% play both. Haven't played oblivion in **** ages


Frog I saw this last week but please let it be so!
I hope they do New Vegas too one day.

honestly would take a new vegas remaster over a FO3 remaster anyday but both were great and legendary games. Im glad to the possibility in at least one getting remastered. I hope its a full remaster too but on the same engine.. I dont want another 76 or fallout 4 engine to be honest


yes, we need these two to be remastered fr


2 top tier games getting remastered is amazing. Will play the absolute shit out of a remastered fallout 3 and will give oblivion a try again as well



im so down for oblivion but man fallout is so garbage


I hope this is true, Fallout 3 was such a great game


I saw this last week but please let it be so!
I hope they do New Vegas too one day.

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