New Among Us Map Revealed

A new Among Us map has been revealed, and will take players to a new location when it drops. The map is called The Fungle, and takes place on a deserted island. Revealed during the most recent Nintendo Direct, the map actually made a fitting inclusion, given the fact that it's covered in mushrooms. According to the game's official Twitter account, "the mushrooms aren't deadly but the Impostors definitely are." As of this writing, the new map does not have a set release date, but it is scheduled to appear sometime in October.

A trailer for The Fungle map can be found below.

While the mushrooms themselves don't seem to be deadly, as the trailer shows, it seems the fungus is what caused the ship to crash in the first place. So far, hype for the new map seems to be pretty high, and it will be interesting to see how players feel once it's actually made available!

Is the New Among Us Map Exclusive to Nintendo Switch?
The Fungle map for Among Us will be available on all of the game's current platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and mobile. The map's debut during the Nintendo Direct seemed to result in some confusion for Among Us fans, but the map will be accessible to all players. It's not unusual for reveals like this to take place during major publisher presentations, as it leads to a lot more exposure. Since taking place on Thursday, the most recent Nintendo Direct has been streamed on YouTube more than 4 million times. That's a lot of people learning about the new map, including lapsed Among Us fans, as well as those that have never actually tried the game before.

Among Us on Xbox Game Pass
Those that have never tried Among Us might have incentive to do so on Xbox Game Pass. The title is included in the standard subscription tier, and was also revealed a few days ago as part of the lineup for Xbox Game Pass Core. Game Pass Core is the replacement for Xbox Live Gold, and is a requirement for those that want to play Xbox online. The lineup for Xbox Game Pass Core is significantly smaller than the standard tier for Game Pass, but all subscribers get access to 36 games, including Among Us. For anyone that has never played the game before, that's a great incentive to try it out, and hopefully it will help to grow the game's audience in a meaningful way. Online games like Among Us can only thrive if they draw in new audiences, so it's important to keep reaching new players. Hopefully the game's presence as part of Xbox Game Pass Core will do just that.

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It was fun for a few days then got boring very quick. Well needed.


glad they've released a new map :;p


Runts thought that this game fell off of the map totally forgot all about it

no no no. I still play all the time when the boys get on. Its fun when you have a full lobby on discord. This map is going to be cool


This game can be really fun at times


thought that this game fell off of the map totally forgot all about it

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