Dying Light 2 Hit with Negative Reviews After Adding Microtransactions

Dying Light 2 recently introduced its new Summertime Update. This included a fun Payday 2 crossover and several much-needed bug fixes. However, it also included a new feature that fans are less than thrilled about, Dying Light Points. While microtransactions aren't new to Dying Light 2, Dying Light Points have proven so unpopular that fans have taken to platforms like Steam to bombard the game with negative reviews.

Previously, developer Techland did have cosmetic bundles Dying Light 2 players could buy, but you'd need to go out of the game and buy them from whichever storefront you use. Because you were able to buy directly and not go through Techland for the bundles, most fans were fine with them being in the game. With Dying Light Points, Techland is introducing a second level of purchase, which often means you need to buy more Points than you need to get a bundle.

The move also comes relatively soon after Techland was bought by Tencent, a company not without controversy. Plus, Techland had to recently delay its second DLC for Dying Light 2. While neither of those likely had anything to do with the team adding Dying Light Points to the game, that doesn't mean fans don't perceive that to be true.

Either way, fans are taking to Steam to say things like "Sad to see another great dev team fall victim to higher corporate greed." Another claimed, "The game is good but it's gonna die soon because of DL points. I paid my money for full content and [now] after a couple of DLCs (not so great) you add microtransactions! I am really sick of this movement..." Going through the most recent reviews, that latter sentiment seems to echo throughout. Again, Tencent's acquisition may not have much to do with this decision, but fans certainly think it does, and they're making their feelings known.

What Else Did the Summertime Update Add in Dying Light 2?

Outside of the Dying Light Points addition, the Summertime Update's biggest addition is the aforementioned Payday 2 crossover event. This event is running through September 21 and tasks you with hunting down Infected Robbers. Once you take them down, you'll earn Red Diamonds that can be used to complete objectives and earn new gear.

Techland has also introduced several gameplay updates to improve the streaming experience and get players into the meat of the game more quickly. In the Gut Feelings update, Techland added a ton more gore, but all of that extra viscera made it tougher to stream the game, so they've introduced a Brutality Switch. Dying Light 2 newbies or veterans can now skip the Prologue to get into the game faster. Techland has also added new Alteration modifiers that will start to pop up throughout the world, as well as fixed all kinds of bugs.

Dying Light 2 is available now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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Why hate so much? Jesus Christ, if it doesn't affect gameplay too much then its not bother


just don't buy them, end of fr


Good, not every game these days need microtransactions. I get you are trying to make more money but no... just no


Agreed really don't get why people care about this just don't buy that simple


Idk why people do this crap it don't hurt them just don't buy them ?? Ya know

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