Skate reboot parkour gameplay appears online

Footage showing off parkour gameplay from the upcoming Skate reboot has surfaced online.

The footage, which has been circulating on social media, comes from the ongoing playtests that EA has been running for some time. These playtests, which have been opening up to more players recently, have consistently resulted in similar leaked footage.

While previous Skate titles featured the ability to get off the board and run around the environment, this footage appears to suggest that the game will feature expanded movement options.

The game is currently in playtesting on PC, although EA has suggested that a console playtest may follow. In a blog reflecting on a year of playtesting on PC, the company told console players they haven’t been forgotten.

“We also want to give a shout-out to the console Skate community – yes, we are still currently only playtesting on PC but we promise console playtesting will be coming,” it said. “We don’t have a date to share just yet, but stay tuned.”

Skate was revealed in June 2020 in a surprise announcement which broke EA’s Twitter engagement record.

The free-to-play game is the debut title from Full Circle, a Vancouver-based EA studio headed up by former Xbox Live general manager Daniel McCulloch, who spent 15 years with Microsoft’s gaming business before departing in 2020.

Skate will support cross-play and cross-progression on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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I would rather play Deltarune fr


Samfs I played so much Skate 3 on the X360, I can't wait for this!

Same this is going to be legendary. I wont be able to get off of the game if this drops


I played so much Skate 3 on the X360, I can't wait for this!


Was invited to the last playtest 10/10 game excited for full release have been a fan since skate 1


gets boring but these can be really fun !

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