Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 May Have Zombies Beta

Call of Duty may get an entirely different beta beyond its multiplayer beta. Call of Duty has a pretty easy to follow cycle at this point. In the summer, a new Call of Duty game is revealed, typically with a focus on the campaign. Shortly thereafter, there's a gameplay demo for the campaign at some showcase event. After that, they lift the curtain on the multiplayer and maybe other modes before unleashing players onto a beta. Then, the game releases during the holiday season and rinse and repeat for next year. It's a well-oiled cycle that fans are very accustom to at this point, but there may be a new layer later this year.

As spotted by GamingBible, it appears that Call of Duty leaker HeyImAlaix is teasing a beta for the Zombies mode. Traditionally, there is a beta about a month – month and a half before launch that lets players try out the multiplayer. It's a good way to stress test the servers, get feedback on balancing, and allow for some last minute adjustments or take note of things that can be applied in future patches to the final game. However, it's always just a small slice of the larger multiplayer and rarely is there ever any additional content. Alaix suggests that could be changing. Whether or not this would be part of the beta starting on October 6th or if it would run separately is a mystery, but it would be a really welcome addition. Zombies is a huge part of Call of Duty, so to see the fan-favorite mode get some kind of early access would be a huge win for the series and fans.

Given it's the first time the Modern Warfare series will have a Zombies mode and it will be different from the round-based stuff, it would be nice for fans to be able to get in and provide some early feedback. Whether or not any of this will actually happens remains to be seen, for now, it's just a rumor. We will likely get confirmation if it's real at CoD Next on October 5th.

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nothing like zombies on COD franchise fr :P


Billet Interesting to see how these zombies are as Treyarch are the king. I'm willing to give it a go tho

The word is, treyarch is helping make the zombies portion of this game... might be awesome


Interesting to see how these zombies are as Treyarch are the king. I'm willing to give it a go tho


I'm ready for the game but the zombies is lame asf smh. Treyarch is the only good zombies ! How haven't they fifties this out yet lmao. Although bo4 was awful it still want as bad as IWs "retro zombies"

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