New Gears of War 6 Report Is Hopefully Not True

Last month, we relayed word of a new report about a new Gears of War game in development, tentatively dubbed Gears of War 6. And we hope it's not true, because if it is, it shows The Coalition still doesn't get it. The first three Gears of War games were made by Epic Games. If that name sounds familiar it's because Epic Games is responsible for Fortnite. In other words, it's moved onto far bigger things. When Epic Games left the series behind, The Coalition took it over. We don't need to get into the history of the studio, but it was a big leap for the team and it quickly showed.

The first three Gears of War games were best-sellers, critically-acclaimed, and some of the biggest releases of their generations. This can't be said for Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, the two games released under The Coalition. The first of these two games aimed to carry on the baton by creating a fairly faithful and familiar experience. The only problem was the quality was simply a step down in comparison. It's a good game, but there's a reason it didn't achieve the same significance as its predecessors. It was a good first stab though for a studio growing into the role of caretaker. And then The Coalition took a backward step with Gears 5.

In terms of quality, there's not much to separate Gears of War 4 from Gears 5. Both are solid games, but the latter attempted to evolve the series. At face value, this isn't a bad thing. Everything needs to evolve over time, but it's a delicate tightrope to walk when you attempt to evolve a popular and established IP with very specific expectations. This is doubly true when you're attempting to evolve something you didn't create in the first place. The Coalition thankfully didn't bite off more than it could chew though.

If you haven't played Gears 5, it introduced a semi open-world. The first four games are very linear and structured, and it works well for its gameplay and narrative pacing. The open world elements of Gears 5 are the worst elements of the game because Gears of War isn't an open-world series. To be fair, The Coalition isn't the only one to attempt this open-world evolution. Everyone has been trying to make open-world and semi open-world games, even if it's not associated with the IP. And most fail. For one, because it's not what fans want. Two, because it often doesn't suit the games themselves. And three because open-world games require developers specialized in making them.

All of this brings us to the aforementioned report, which claims that Gears of War 6 will be much more like a proper open-world game than Gears 5. In other words, The Coalition is leaning into the worst element of Gears 5 presumably in an attempt to evolve the series. And as far as we can see, nobody is asking for this, which begs the question: why? Well, we don't know the answer to this question, but it has us worried about the future of the series.

To make Gears of War standout from its predecessors you need compelling new characters, an original new narrative, and perhaps some clever mechanics that modernize its cover-based, third-person shooting. You don't need to reinvent the wheel to evolve something. Unfortunately, The Coalition struck out with the three things above, especially with Gears 5, and so it's opting to go for the more radical, or at least it may be doing this. It's worth noting all of this speculation and worry is based on an unofficial report.

What makes all of this extra puzzling is if you were going to go for a more radical change, you'd assume it would be done in the multiplayer realm, not the less relevant campaign. If the game was revealed and there was now also a battle royale mode or an extraction mode, you'd understand the call. And as long as the campaign and traditional multiplayer were there, no real harm done. However, to tweak the campaign, the part of the game that needs spicing up the least, and the part of the series that has a particular sentimental value for many fans, is a peculiar call.

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Seems like everyone's general consensus is that GOW4/GOW5 was bad but honestly i thought they were solid games. The story mode was a bit meh but the online portion was pretty fun. I thought the semi open-world was a cool concept. Me and a friend finished both 4 and 5 a few months go and i honestly didn't enjoy 4 as much as i did 5 mainly because it was sort of like GoW judgement.

Lets go to X area, Uh oh! we're getting ambushed, Lets use this conveniently placed replicator and play a horde-style defense game for 15 minutes. Alright we're clear, End chapter. At least with 5 we had little side missions and it was fun going around looking for collectables in a semi-open world.

Besides story mode, The online was Okay, I'm a big fan of Execution (Gow's version of Search and Destroy) But in 4/5 they seemed super into moving away from that game mode and trying to force people to play things like Domination/CTF which i wasn't into and tried to force similar game modes onto us. And a lot of OG players weren't into also. There was a point they literally removed Execution from the game entirely (including private matches) and they had a ton of backlash and eventually they re-added it back.

That's like CoD removing SND and replacing it with Search and Rescue. Its the same concept but not what people want.

I hope they actually do go through with it. I would love to see a gears that fixes previous mistakes and build a better game. Worse case scenario the game comes out horrible but we don't need to buy it because its a first day Game Pass exclusive. No harm no foul.


sticksquad Did you guys really just copy and paste this article?

that's the source link at the bottom of this source

get with the program ffs


please don't let it be true, 4 and 5 were a disaster fffs


sticksquad Did you guys really just copy and paste this article?

I mean it did say that was the source


Lameeee they should just stop already


Gibsn They've **** up this franchise like they've done with cod.

I thought this when they made gears 5


Did you guys really just copy and paste this article?


Stop it, it's already dead!


They've **** up this franchise like they've done with cod.


hopefully they dont even make another game tbh

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