Nintendo Leaker Teases Return of Dormant DS Series

A dormant Nintendo series that is likely most synonymous with the Nintendo DS line of handhelds looks like it could soon be making a comeback. Currently, Nintendo rumors are swirling like crazy. Given that it's September, a month in which Nintendo typically holds Direct presentations, many fans are anticipating a number of major reveals from the longtime Japanese video game publisher to be happening in the coming days or weeks. Now, ahead of this potential Direct, one notable leaker seems to have divulged one such reveal that could be in the pipeline.

According to an X (or Twitter) user that goes by the name Pyoro, a new entry in Nintendo's Mario vs. Donkey Kong series seems to be in the works. In recent days, Pyoro, who has had a number of accurate Nintendo scoops in the past, has been teasing a new Donkey Kong game of some sort. While some Nintendo fans initially assumed that this game would be associated only with DK, subsequent messages on X indicated that this wouldn't be the case. Specifically, Pyoro responded to one question about whether or not "Minis" would be in this teased project. They responded with a simple "yes", which implies that these previous teases were associated with Mario vs. Donkey Kong as Minis were one character type seen often in the series.

First released back in 2004, the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong game came to Game Boy Advance. It later received a sequel in 2006 with Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. From here, the franchise ended up having a number of spin-offs and mainline entries released across Nintendo DS and 3DS platforms. Since 2015, though, the franchise has remained on ice as Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is the most recent installment to have come about. To hear that a new game now may be on the horizon is both exciting and a bit of a surprise.

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they certainly need to release everything on the switch fr


Yeah I wish they would bring back more games


Nothing beats reliving the games of your childhood


Runts If they would just bring back ALL old games or at least as many as they possibly can nintendo would be up there with sony for good games

Facts. Rerelease the games and it would be top tier. Don't even have to remaster them or anything. Just drop them on the switch. Would be dope


If they would just bring back ALL old games or at least as many as they possibly can nintendo would be up there with sony for good games

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