Valve: Windows 11 makes a big jump on Steam, reaches almost 40%

Valve's monthly Steam Hardware & Software Survey results are out, meaning we can see how Microsoft's latest operating system is doing among the gaming audience. A similar report from Statcounter claims Windows 11 has roughly 27% on the global market, but things are slightly different on the gaming side.

For those unfamiliar with Steam Hardware & Software Survey, here is how Valve describes it:

Steam conducts a monthly survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software our customers are using. Participation in the survey is optional, and anonymous. The information gathered is incredibly helpful to us as we make decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make and products to offer.

According to Valve, in August 2023, Windows 11 experienced a notable spike in its user base. The operating system that will turn two next month is now at 39.22%, 2.55 points up compared to the previous month. It is now dangerously close to Windows 10 with its steadily declining market share, currently at 55.98%, a -1.89 point decrease.

Windows 10 is not the only operating system losing customers on Steam. 64-bit Windows 7 is down to 1.02 (-0.19), 64-bit Windows 8.1 to 0.22 (-0.03), and 32-bit Windows 7 is at 0.08% (-0.02).

Windows 10 - 55.98% (-1.89)
Windows 11 - 39.22% (+2.55)
Windows 7 64-bit - 1.02% (-0.19)
Windows 8.1 64-bit - 0.22% (-0.03)
Windows 7 - 0.08% (-0.02)

Overall, the Windows family has an overwhelming Steam market share of 96.61% (+0.4). macOS has 1.57% (-0.27), and Linux 1.82% (-0.14).

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win11 is going crazy on the steam rn fr


Maybe it's time to upgrade here soon then I was waiting patiently lol


Windows 11 is amazing. I love it. Crazy there still people out there usin windows 7 that used to be my favorite windows not gonna lie

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