1 vs. 100 Season 2 details dished on dev blog


New information on Microsoft's still free for now Xbox Live-based game show 1 vs. 100 has been a bit on the light side since the game's initial release so many moons ago. The official 1 vs. 100 Blogs have detailed some new features of the game's second season.
For one, rather than Avatars amorphously apparating on-stage, "The One" will strut down a central staircase right after dropping a fancy pose on the plebeians below. Players in the hot seat will also have their Xbox Live statuses automatically set to "Busy," so as not to knock their concentration from the mind grape squeezing at hand. No details were revealed on when we might actually get to play more 1 vs. 100, unfortunately.



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i never really like 1 v 100. It was never really thrilling or entertaining to me.


So I never played this, but was in a party with a group of people playing it. They said you actually win what it says? He said he was winning 1600 msp or something. BTW this was Bullet a long time ago.


is there only certain contries that can play this? im in sweden it comes up on my xbox but wont let me set a reminder


I need to get this.

I really want to be the one


i like this game too and i hope they make it available later so we can play again


omggg i love playing this game it's sooooo fun !


I love it but I was never the one. I was playing it with a party


I never actually played this. I never got around to figuring out how and when I could.


i have always wanted to be the one cant wait going to have to wait i remember someone that was that 1 and they got really far and then they disconnected funny stuff


I love this game. bring it back ASAP