Street Fighter 6 Reveals Three New Fighters Alongside New Trailer

During today's PlayStation State of Play, three new fighters were officially revealed for Street Fighter 6: returning fighters Zangief and Cammy, as well as newcomer Lily. The trio were revealed alongside some new gameplay footage, showcasing them fighting with previously revealed fighters such as Blanka and E. Honda. All three will be part of the game's roster at launch. Unfortunately, little in the way of additional information was revealed, but the game is looking even more promising today than it has been over the last few months!

The new trailer revealing these fighters can be found embedded below.

Capcom has slowly been pulling back the curtain on the game over the last few months, revealing several of the features that players can look forward to seeing. Between matches, players will have the option of exploring a Metro City hub world, where they will be able to interact with NPCs. Little has been revealed about the game's narrative, but we do know that it will center around Luke, who debuted as the final DLC fighter in Street Fighter V. In addition to Luke, there will be a number of other returning characters, including favorites like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile. The game will also be the first in the series to feature optional in-game commentary, and fans that enable the option can look forward to hearing beloved members of the fighting game community.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release June 2nd on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Shortly after launch, it will appear at two of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world. This week, the game was announced for both Evo 2023, as well as Capcom Cup X. Evo 2023 will begin on August 4th, but Capcom Cup X is currently only slated to take place sometime this summer. Either way, fans will have a short amount of time to get a feel for Street Fighter 6 before it begins making the rounds of the competitive circuit!

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Frog I wish they wouldn't embed videos on Twitter, I don't have an account and have to look them up on Youtube instead.

I just click on the play icon (on center of screen or bottom left corner). no need for twitter account


will certainly be playing this for the new characters :P


I wish they wouldn't embed videos on Twitter, I don't have an account and have to look them up on Youtube instead.


I love some of them characters. Best part about these games is the dlc special characters.

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