Trine 5 Is Reportedly In Development

A new entry in the Trine franchise is reportedly in development, according to Billbil-Kun, the same source who correctly leaks the new set of PlayStation Plus titles each month. The leaker claims that the next entry will be titled Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy.

The Trine series was introduced in 2009 with the release of the original title. The game represents a 2.5D environment with three playable heroes, each capable of different skills that allow players to use their abilities to solve the in-game puzzles and claim victory in the combat scenes. What makes Trine a memorable experience is the game's well-thought puzzles that require players to think about every step and benefit from every hero's speciality to solve them.

The latest entry in the Trine series was Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, which was released in 2019. After that, Frozenbyte shifted its focus onto Starbase, a new sci-fi MMO IP that has been in the early access phase since July 2021. Starbase failed to gain the same level of popularity as Trine, but does boast a modest review score with 62% of all reviews being positive.

Aside from Starbase, the studio has another title in the early access phase, Boreal Blade, which is an online PvP action game. So, it remains unknown what would be the future of these titles if Frozenbyte kicks off the development of Trine 5.

Frozenbyte usually self-publishes its titles, but Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince was published by Modus Games. So, it's anyone's guess what would be the decision on a possible sequel. Trine is always known for its medieval setting and a triangle of playable characters that unlock co-op opportunities as well.

Unfortunately, the leaker didn't share any specific details about Trine 5 aside from its title. So, we have no clue about when it could be released or what platforms it is targeting to launch on. Of course, the existence of Trine 5 is yet to be confirmed by Frozenbyte.

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oh happy days

I love the trine franchise


This looks awesome. Gives me vibes of an old ps1 game id play. You get a dwarf mage and archer and go loot and kill. Can't remember the name but I'll have to find it I fee as if this game is inspired by it.


I find the choice of articles on TTG quite peculiar sometimes...
There's surely more interesting news today than the week-old announcement of Trine 5?

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