Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 Leak is Good News for Fans

A recent leak may be really good news for Nintendo Switch gamers that are looking forward to the home console/handheld hybrid's successor, as it suggests the new system will retain the content already available through the Switch Online service. The Nintendo Switch is nearly six years old, yet Nintendo still hasn't announced its successor. With the Nintendo Switch being one of the most successful video game consoles of all time, though, a successor system of some kind is a virtual guarantee.

The jury is still out on whether the next Nintendo console will be called Switch 2 or shoot for something completely different. Nintendo has not exactly been consistent with its console naming conventions, after all. The Nintendo Entertainment System was succeeded by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but then the next console was the Nintendo 64. Then it went to GameCube to Wii to Wii U to Switch, so it's anyone's guess what the next console from Nintendo will be called.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK has seemingly leaked that a Switch successor is indeed in the works, though, and it will apparently feature the Nintendo Switch's online functionality. In a document recently published by the CMA, Nintendo's cloud gaming efforts are mentioned for the Nintendo Switch and a redacted device. While it's possibly referring to something completely unexpected, it seems likely that this is referring to the unannounced Switch successor console. Reading between the lines, this would potentially mean that the Switch 2 console will feature the Switch Online service and its cloud gaming capabilities, though it's possible that this just means that Nintendo will have cloud gaming available on its new console in a way that is separate from what's already offered through Switch Online.

This would be huge news for Nintendo fans, as many have complained about how their online purchases are lost in the transition from one Nintendo console to the next. It would also mean that the next Nintendo console would launch with a healthy library of retro games through the Switch Online service and its Expansion Pack. On the other hand, some fans have not been impressed with Switch Online when it comes to online multiplayer and party chat, so hopefully there are some upgrades in the transition from the Switch to its successor console.

Nintendo itself has previously suggested that Nintendo accounts and "value-added services" will carry over from the Switch to its successor console, but this CMA report is more solid evidence that it is indeed happening. If it does come to pass, it may make current Switch owners more willing to sign up for the Switch Online Expansion Pack and buy games digitally After all, they have less reason to worry about their subscription and purchases going to waste whenever Nintendo rolls out the Switch's successor.

Nintendo is traditionally unpredictable, and so while it seems like a no-brainer for the Switch Online services to carry over to the company's next device, it's impossible to say that will happen with 100% certainty. Nintendo gamers will want to want for the next Nintendo console's official announcement for concrete details.

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it certanly should be a must for the fans


A new switch would be cool. Don't really need it but anything to grab an extra buck lmao


i Would love to see a switch Pro Model Or Like a Ultimate or something cool


This should be the norm for ALL platforms. Its terrible to do otherwise, one never truly owns what they buy this way...

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