Starfield’s Recent Leaked Image Was an AI-Generated Fake

Given how little Microsoft and Bethesda have said about Starfield, it’s not surprising that fans tend to latch on to any and all leaks related to the game, no matter how miniscule. But, of course, as is often the case with leaks, some of them turn out to be fakes- like a recently leaked image that, according to the person who leaked it on Reddit in a now deleted post, was a still taken from a cinematic trailer for the game.

It turns out none of that was true, as many were able to figure out straight away. As shared by Reddit user RuleOf72I, the image was an AI-generated fake done through Midjourney. It essentially took the original image, which is unrelated to Starfield, and made some minor edits to it, like making it look blurrier to make it seem like an off-screen still taken from a trailer.

Official details on the game are forthcoming, of course, but it remains to be seen how long it’ll be before they arrive. Microsoft has announced that a standalone Starfield showcase is in the works, but it remains unknown when it will be showcased.

Meanwhile, though Starfield is officially set to launch in the first half of this year, there has been conflicting information on the timing of its release as well, with one report claiming that it’s been delayed to later in the summer, and another claiming that it’s targeting a June release. Bethesda has said that a release date will be announced in the near future, so we should have more concrete details soon.

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Runts That was a pretty good Ai fake lol

Doesn't look that difficult to make to me...

Yeah, not hard to do when you have great photoshop skills


Runts That was a pretty good Ai fake lol

Doesn't look that difficult to make to me...


That was a pretty good Ai fake lol


Ah well never mind. Singular images hardly give any insight to games at all

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