Terra Nil Launches on March 28th

Free Lives of Broforce fame has announced that its environmental restoration title Terra Nil will launch on March 28th. It will be available on for iOS and Android via Netflix and PC. Check out the latest trailer below.

Pre-orders are also available, which provide a free upgrade to the Deluxe Edition for a soundtrack and digital art book. Up to and after launch, profits from Terra Nil will be donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. In a press release, co-creator and lead designer Sam Alfred said, “From the very beginning of development, we’ve wanted Terra Nil to be able to have a real-world impact.

“After much searching, we found the perfect partner to make this happen in the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Free Lives will be donating a portion of the profits of each sale of Terra Nil on Steam to the Endangered Wildlife Trust to help them in their efforts to preserve and restore ecosystems in the real world.”

Described as a “reverse city builder,” Terra Nil starts players in a barren wasteland. Your goal is to restore its ecosystem using a variety of machines, whether it’s cleaning the oceans and cultivating coral reefs or planting trees and adding wildlife. Biomes range from volcanic glaciers and tropical islands to the ruins of cities with unique climates, flora and fauna, and geology.

They’re all procedurally generated, ensuring a different experience each time. However, total playtime should be about six to eight hours, and there are alternate levels to unlock. Once a biome’s ecosystem has been restored, you can recycle the machines and admire it all with Appreciate Mode.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/terra-nil-launches-on-march-28th


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Runts Trashh. I'll be playing wwe in march.

LMAO WWE is trash, Terra Nil is going to be a better game


I'll be looking forward to this little gem when it's released


Runts Trashh. I'll be playing wwe in march.

Ah yes, another top drawer Runts post :)


Trashh. I'll be playing wwe in march.


Oh wow, i love the concept! Really a breath of fresh air in this industry

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