Modern Warfare 2 Roadmap Reportedly Leaks In Activision Data Breach

Images from a supposed Activision data breach have recently been making the rounds online, and though this breach hasn't been officially confirmed, Insider Gaming is claiming that it indeed occurred, as they have obtained the entirety of the leaked information, which includes content plans for future Modern Warfare 2 updates.

The breach supposedly occurred on December 4, 2022, when a phishing scam resulted in a Human Resources employee inadvertently providing a hacker access to private internal information. According to Insider Gaming, the breach contained "sensitive employee information for "all Activision employees," including "phone numbers, salaries, places of work, addresses, and more."

More pertinent to video games, the leak revealed the dates of the live service seasons that will unfold throughout the understood lifespan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They are allegedly scheduled as follows:

Season 3: March 15 to May 15
Season 4: May 15 to July 16
Season 5: July 17 to September 14
Season 6: September 15 to November 8

Insider Gaming makes a point to state that, since the leak occurred in December, some of these exact dates may have changed. However, the dates do match a prior Insider Gaming report, where the publication claimed to have verified "with its sources" that 2023 will have a full-fledged premium Call of Duty title.

Though perhaps originally planned as a paid DLC expansion to Modern Warfare 2, Insider Gaming stated that the scope of the 2023 Call of Duty project was eventually adjusted, and thus the game was restructured to be another mainline entry in the series. If true, this would mean that the prolific franchise will continue its streak of having a premium title release every year, which was only broken once back in 2004. The article claimed that the game would release on November 10, 2023, which matches the MW2 Season 6 supposed end date of November 8.

The data breach also contained some specifics for future updates, such as seven "Core Maps," a "Haunting of Saba" event for Halloween, a "licensed" operator to be added every season (meaning one from another franchise or real life), more Gunfights, Spec Ops Missions, and Raids, a "small map" arriving in Season 4, and at least 240 new bundles.

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was it really a data breach?

more likely a tease :lipbite:


Runts They just better give us some new maps soon smh. And og maps

If you want oG maps you're gonna love the next CoD! :p


They just better give us some new maps soon smh. And og maps


A phishing scam? Really? They didn't really get any information of value, but it's unpleasant for the employees to have all their personal info leaked :/

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