Sons of the Forest Multiplayer Showcased in New Gameplay Trailer

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest enters Steam Early Access this week, allowing PC players a chance to experience the survival horror sandbox game while influencing its development. While the solo component and AI companions have been showcased, what about multiplayer? A new trailer is available via IGN, which demonstrates the same.

Up to eight players can play together, building camp and setting up defenses against cannibals and mutants. Perhaps the coolest part is that AI companions like Kelvin are also available in multiplayer. Your allies can even give them commands for gathering materials and other tasks.

Sons of the Forest launches on February 23rd for Steam Early Access. The plan is to remain in early access for about six to eight months, though the developer is committed to leaving when it has the “best version of the game possible.” Players can look forward to more items, game mechanics, lore, and other content over time. Stay tuned for more details following its launch.

Sons Of The Forest will release on the PC platform on February 23, 2023. You can download the latest Sons of the Forest Trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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it's certainly a game for all of us to play


Runts Crazy to believe the game crashed steam lol

Indeed. It looks a phenomenal game though!


Crazy to believe the game crashed steam lol


It does look really fun, but I'm shocked by how many have been waiting for it so eagerly !

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