Redfall Trailer Gives New Look at Gameplay and World Exploration

Arkane Studios has released an extended trailer for Redfall offering an extensive tour of the co-op shooter's open world. Part of what makes Redfall such an exciting and fresh idea is that it isn't just a Left 4 Dead retread. Redfall places players into an open, changing world that they will grow familiar with from mission to mission, even as it delivers constant surprises. This latest Redfall trailer takes the opportunity to show just some of what awaits Redfall players when they journey to Massachusetts town.

The setting of Redfall is an island town, small and cozy by nature. It's become a living nightmare, however, due to a failed scientific experiment unleashing a vampire horde. The setting of the game is inspired heavily by horror author Stephen King's work. King is known for taking seemingly pleasant small towns and cracking them open to reveal supernatural horrors within. Arkane is certainly embracing that idea, though Redfall is certain to be quite a bit more lively than Jerusalem's Lot, Maine.

Redfall's latest trailer was shared as part of the IGN Fan Fest 2023 event and is titled the "Extended Gameplay and World Exploration" trailer. It runs just short of three minutes long but covers a lot of ground in the time it's given. It starts with a general overlook of the town of Redfall with the sun high in the sky. There are churches, shops, police stations, and more. It looks, for all intents and purposes, like a normal town.

Then the sun is blocked out and Redfall takes on a darker nature. The trailer begins to focus on more unusual locations in Redfall. There's a carnival with a Ferris wheel, a statue defaced into a strange altar, scientific labs, and more mysterious places -- locations that don't conform to the laws of reality. There's clearly more to Redfall than meets the eye.

More than just exploration of the town of Redfall is shown in the trailer. Redfall's protagonists are shown encountering various vampires, using their abilities for traversal throughout the town, and going through their preparations for battle. Mapping out missions and gathering weapons are just necessary steps for traveling through Redfall.

If the new Redfall trailer accomplishes anything, it's that it conveys how much there is yet to discover when players get the game in May. Where Left 4 Dead's mission structure left players wanting more, Redfall is providing a fully explorable island to interact with.

Redfall releases May 2 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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extended gameplay vid looks pretty cool

this is going to be a veresting game to play


Runts I love all the open world type games we've been spoiled lately ! RDR2 and hogwarts are some the best.

I wouldn't really say RDR2 was recent (5 years ago now!) but yeah it was great.
This does look a really great universe for open world!


I love all the open world type games we've been spoiled lately ! RDR2 and hogwarts are some the best.


At moments this game looks great, but not so much at other times. I don't like the appearance of the vampires all that much. The humans and the world look really cool though. It's also promising that it's open world.

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