Wolfenstein 3 Possibly in the Works

Wolfenstein 3 may be in the works, finally. Wolfenstein is one of the seminal shooter franchises right up there with the likes of Doom, but just like id's franchise, it took a bit before there was a new game that worked for modern audiences. However, MachineGames proved it was capable of modernizing the alternate history shooter and doing something that made it all feel fresh. It's pulpy, extreme, violent, and deeply funny. Most importantly, it's super satisfying to play as well and in all of that, it has created a rich story that gives BJ Blazkowicz a lot of depth.

Fans have been holding out for a new entry in the series after 2017's Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and its 2019 co-op spin-off, Wolfenstein Youngblood. The latter was pretty poorly received, but it didn't change the fact that fans wanted a proper third Wolfenstein game starring BJ. It appears that it may finally be in the works as a former employee for MachineGames posted on their LinkedIn page that they had just finished their tenure at the studio and worked on both the upcoming Indiana Jones game and an unannounced project. It seems like Indiana Jones may be the next game that comes out of MachineGames as they've been working on it for a number of years now, but we have no idea what will come after that. However, the studio isn't really known for anything else besides Wolfenstein and it would be strange for them to prioritize yet another project that would likely take another 3 – 5 years.

If this "unannounced project" isn't Wolfenstein 3, it would mean that we'd probably have to wait until the late 2020s to see such a game, possibly a full decade after the last game. While not impossible, it does seem unlikely that MachineGames would make us wait that long to see how BJ's story finally concludes.

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they seriously need to release a 3rd one for real ffs


Runts Will be a waste of time. Them games suckkkk. The story's can be cool but games aren't the best.

Meh, I always thought they were pretty fun. I've never played through the entirety of one, but I've played at friends places and enjoyed the gameplay.


Will be a waste of time. Them games suckkkk. The story's can be cool but games aren't the best.


Nice! I hope it comes. There aren't much funner concepts out there than slaying Nazis in alternative futures!

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