All CoD: World at War map packs $5 until Nov. 1


Remember the report that said the average Call of Duty: World at War player has spent $9 on DLC? It looks like that number is about to get just a bit higher, as Major Nelson has announced that all of the World at War map packs have been reduced to 400 ($5). That's half of the usual $10 price tag. Taking all three packs together, that's 12 maps for $15, putting them at a buck and a quarter each. Not bad. If you want to snag 'em on the cheap, you have until November 1.
Sure, it's probably just a cash grab before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 makes everyone forget World at War, but hey, it's hard to argue with cheap. Browse the available World at War DLC Joystiq



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jd twiiter---

JD_2020 The Map Pack 50% of sale is only available in North America for PS3 owners - sorry for the confusion! #MapPackSale #CoDWaW


lol @ Casca, and hopefully everyone will buy the mappacks so there will be no more, vote, vote i dont have that map, and also hopefully there will be more nazi zombie maps to come


zomg! No excuses now, now everyone should have the map packs (even crudcutter)


That makes me furious that i payed so much, but they were worth it so im happy.


Kool - Sell 'em off cheap and surprise us all with a Map Pack 4.

There's no reason for WaW to die just because MW2's coming out.

Did MW1 die when WaW hit the Xbox

I don't think so

There's life in those Zombies yet !


lol i don't have the 3rd map pack or the 1st.. i think i might get the 3rd because i played at a friends house and it was amazing but i never played mappack 1.

Anyone know anything about mappack 1 like.. a review on it i just don't want a review made by the CoD WaW makers.


( i will probably buy 1 because im saving up for rockband :) )


SHHHHHH, if you listen very hard you will hear the sound of COD WAW dieing and taking its last breath.



Hope this means maybe a new mp will come out soon. I do agree we should get a refund though.


they shoul give everyone who bought them before a refund, I had to buy em twice.


gutted i just paid top wack for all 3 2 weeks ago