Redfall Physical Copies Seemingly Won’t Include a Disc

The jury is still out on whether Redfall is going to be able to maintain Arkane Studios’ track record of delivering one excellent game after another, especially with all the changes it’s making to the studio’s formula with its open world structure and its focus on co-op. In the lead-up to its launch, however, Microsoft and Bethesda have made a couple of decisions that haven’t gone down well everyone.

For instance, it looks like Redfall’s physical copies won’t be all that physical after all. As per the official Bethesda Support page, on PC, physical copies of Redfall will come with a Steam code, while on Xbox Series X, they will come with an Xbox Play Anywhere code (which will also allow the game to be played on Xbox Series S). Based on the glaring lack of a mention, it doesn’t look like physical copies will include a disc.

Of course, there’s no denying that digital media has vastly overtaken physical media over the years, but even so, there’s no shortage of people who prefer to own their games physically, especially in light of persistent issues with games surrounding things such as DRM. Add to that Redfall’s always-online requirements, even when playing single player, and the issue is bound to raise even more eyebrows.

Redfall is out on May 2 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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TCAR I mean if you collect physical stuff, I guess that's cool but very wasteful

It's true, when I sorted through my old Playstation / Xbox games the amount of plastic waste was ridiculous.
They should provide less packaging for disc (paper slip sort of protection) to encourage people to use disc sleeves. Then charge more for the plastic case.
Or just sort out the digital libraries on console. Just another reason to move away from these platforms...


wtf? it's not a physical copy we will be receiving then, it's.... DIGITAL smh


I mean if you collect physical stuff, I guess that's cool but very wasteful


What's the point in producing the boxes then? This could actually be a de breaker for a game i want to buy. I don't like to not have physical copies as I don't feel I own them otherwise. My games sometimes randomly vanish on Xbox, so I try to buy all my games on disc

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