Sony Appears to Have Leaked Several Unannounced PSVR2 Games

It looks like Sony may have just leaked the existence of several unannounced titles coming to PSVR2, specifically, Solaris Offworld Combat 2, Wanderer, Gorn and Project Wingman.

Spotted by UploadVR, the unannounced games were listed on the German PlayStation Blog (which has since been deleted but can still be viewed via the Internet Archive) in the gallery area, with a listing for Solaris Offworld Combat 2 next to a trailer for the original Solaris Offworld Combat. The title also appears in the article's tags, along with Wanderer, GORN, and Project Wingman.

Developer First Contact declined UploadVR's request for comment but later confirmed the sequel is real by posting the following on Twitter.

Both Wanderer and Gorn are available on PSVR, so it makes sense to bring them over to PSVR2, and Project Wingman was previously PC exclusive. But a sequel to the excellent Solaris Offworld Combat is a genuine and welcome surprise.

What do you think of this Sony snafu? Are you excited by the prospect of a Solaris sequel? Remember that loose lips sink ships when discussing secret matters in the comments section below.

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when they do bring them over to PSV2 (and the others too),
hope there are going to be great new VR games released soon


Runts Smart. It will create early hype and make people want games for it.

I really wonder if these games really do create hype. There's so many of them and they seem so basic.


The amount of PSVR2 games coming out lately is insane!


Smart. It will create early hype and make people want games for it.

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