Minecraft Reveals New Cherry Blossom Biome

Minecraft players got quite the surprise this week with Mojang sneaking a big Cherry Blossom Biome feature into the upcoming 1.20 update. The new biome, as the name suggests, is filled with cherry blossom trees and a couple of peaceful mobs who inhabit the wooded area that's easily recognizable by its colorful trees. This new feature will be tested first on the Java Snapshots as well as the previews held for the Bedrock version and will be released in full when the 1.20 update drops.

Based on some of the images shared already to show off what this biome looks like, it won't be difficult to spot the cherry blossom fields once they're in the game. The trees themselves are the defining aspect of the biome, but you'll find a couple of different critters in there, too.

"This beautiful biome is filled with cherry blossom trees that bring a unique look to the horizon as their crowns are big and flat, like fluffy pink clouds. It's no wonder that three adorable mobs, pigs, sheep, and bees, are drawn to them and will spawn in this biome," a preview of the Cherry Blossom Biome said.

Aside from the sights, the new biome also gives players ample opportunities to collect wood for their new cherry blossom structures, but you'll of course be able to replant these trees elsewhere to preserve their vibrant looks.

"The cherry tree can be broken down into a full wood-set as well as crafted into the new hanging sign that is also coming in Minecraft 1.20!" the preview of the new biome continued. "You can also find cherry tree saplings in the biome, so you can plant them wherever you want."

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CalicoReidso certainly is an overdue update for this

I wouldn't go that far as the game is constantly updated but I'll always welcome a new biome!


certainly is an overdue update for this


this will be a cool refreshing update for players


Nice always good news to hear of a new Minecraft biome! Especially a pleasant one like this

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