Metroid Prime 2 And 3 Reportedly Also Coming To Nintendo Switch

The recent February Nintendo Direct saw the announcement and instant release of Metroid Prime Remastered, a Nintendo Switch version of the original 2002 Metroid Prime title with updated visuals and controls; following this announcement, industry insider Jeff Grubb reaffirmed his prior claims that Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will also land on Switch eventually.

Grubb is a well-known insider who's often right on the money when leaking unannounced game info. Late last year, he predicted that EA was working on a single-player Marvel game, which EA confirmed to be Iron Man a month later. And much more pertinent to this story, Grubb accurately leaked the recently released Metroid Prime Remastered.

On one of his Game Mess Mornings show, Grubb had stated that all Metroid Prime games were coming to the Switch, but that they would do so separately, unlike the Metroid Prime: Trilogy collection for the Wii. He'd also affirmed that only the first game would be getting the higher-scale remaster treatment, while the rest would be simpler ports, likely only with controls adjustments. That was about eight months ago, but after the Metroid Prime Remastered reveal, Grubb reaffirmed his prior claim, as seen below.

He was undoubtedly correct about the first game, so it's likely he's right about the other two as well. Furthermore, him taking the time to reaffirm this means, at the least, that he's still confident about the information after all this time. The question is, when will these titles release?

Since Prime Remastered was instantly dropped after its Direct announcement, the other two titles could be dropped in a similar fashion, especially if they're simpler ports. Metroid Prime 4 has been confirmed to be in development, having restarted from scratch in 2019. It's only sensible for the trilogy ports to launch before Prime 4, so fans can get a chance to catch up, but Nintendo has yet to reveal anything about this title besides the logo.

Metroid Prime was and is a stark deviation from traditional Metroid games, with the player controlling Samus from a first-person perspective, having to aim her shots in a 3D space, as opposed to the original 2D metroidvania side-scrollers. The series was created by Retro Studios (which is currently developing Metroid Prime 4), a Nintendo-owned Austin-based team that's also responsible for the Donkey Kong Country reboot games.

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CalicoReidso Switch is certainly getting their library up in the past 12 months

good for them

Indeed. They've even got CoD coming their way soon apparently!


Switch is certainly getting their library up in the past 12 months

good for them


Runts Pretty cool a lot of games been coming to switch.

Yep... no surprise. It seems to be the most popular platform out there right now! Well, I suppose that is only true for a certain age group haha


Good good, hopefully games will start being released across all platforms in the future. Then again, with the way CoD is going that's probably wishful thinking...


Pretty cool a lot of games been coming to switch.

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