Sony Could be Working on a Picture-in-Picture Mode for PS5

A recent patent filed by Sony suggests the company may be looking at implementing a picture-in-picture mode for the PS5 to show videos alongside gameplay. Throughout the lifespan of the console, Sony has consistently looked for ways to improve the user experience for the newest PlayStation hardware. Patents have suggested the developer is working on a wide array of improvements with everything ranging from sign language menu navigation to in-game music recommendations reportedly in the works. Now, a new patent could be a major boon to players needing help in their games.

The idea of giving players on-console options to access game tutorials is not a new one for the PS5. A previous patent from Sony suggests a similar idea has been in development for the hardware with players able to access in-game help through gameplay footage. While the developer has not made any official announcements about PiP integration, Sony already features a system with players able to get help with certain games. Now, Sony is looking to make those videos available in the heat of the action.

A patent filed by Sony for "Relevancy-Based Video Help in a Video Game" suggests the developer is working on a picture-in-picture system for game tutorials. The proposed system would see players able to overlay a video on top of their gameplay, allowing them to quickly access tutorial videos while still playing a game. The patent suggests that the console would be recording video of a player's game session, allowing the system to suggest a video based on the specific section of the game. No official announcement has been made by Sony about any picture-in-picture implementation

While game tutorials would be the primary focus, the possible uses of the picture-in-picture system could extend beyond gaming help. Sony's picture-in-picture system could also be used for other purposes like overlaying videos or sporting events over a game, allowing players to watch as they play. YouTube in particular already features a picture-in-picture system on mobile devices, allowing users to play games or listen to music while performing other tasks.

Integrated game tutorials and picture-in-picture videos serve as the most recent example of Sony's push to make the PS5 more accessible. Alongside the previously-mentioned sign language system patent, the developer has made accessibility a focus on the console with hardware like the recently revealed "Project Leonardo" customizable controller. Sony's first-party games have also been praised for their accessibility elements, with both God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part 2 receiving accolades. A new picture-in-picture system from Sony could look to make getting help with games even easier.

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Hopefully this will allow more people living with disabilities to enjoy the world of gaming too!


it would be cool to have a Picture-in-Picture mode


They need to work on making the "home" less laggy or whatever and it's so slow to navigate.

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