Psychonauts Developer Double Fine Has Multiple New Games in the Works

There are multiple games in the works at Double Fine, the studio best known for the Psychonauts series. Gamers haven't seen a lot of new releases from Double Fine since Psychonauts 2 released in 2021, but that situation could change soon.

Psychonauts 2 was, at the time of its release, one of the more eagerly anticipated sequels in recent memory, despite serving as the follow-up to a cult classic that struggled to find a substantive audience. And Psychonauts 2 reviewed well, even after such a long wait between the first entry in the series to the second one. In a world full of quality platformers, Psychonauts 2 stood apart from its peers by improving on everything its predecessor did. The game also released on most consoles and PC, which gave it a better chance at earning recognition.

Double Fine has multiple games in development to follow up on its Psychonauts 2 success, judging by recent comments from studio head Tim Schafer. In Double Fine's making-of documentary for Psychonauts 2, titled Double Fine PsychOdyssey and released for free on YouTube, Schafer recounted the studio pausing development on multiple games. Schafer expressed regret the company had to pause games from Derek and Lee, two Double Fine developers who had exciting projects underway. The regrettable pause was necessary, since everyone needed to pitch in to make sure Psychonauts 2 made it across the finish line. Double Fine announced shortly before the game's released that it developed Psychonauts 2 with no crunch, which would have required careful management of team members and resources available. Understandably, the game experienced delays that pushed it back from its original planned release date.

In the midst of the lengthy development cycle for Psychonauts 2, Xbox Game Studios acquired Double Fine. That acquisition came about as part of a rush of similar moves that found Microsoft bringing other studious under its wing, including Obsidian Entertainment, Playground Games, and Ninja Theory. However, Double Fine appears to have clung to its indie roots despite having new owners with deeper pockets.

While Double Fine has not mentioned the names of any projects currently in development, the studio has produced a number of hits besides the Psychonauts series. Founder Tim Schafer is being inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame, with a body of work dating back to his time at LucasArts, when he worked on titles such as Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. More recent successes, with Double Fine, include the likes of Costume Quest, Headlander, and Broken Age. Given that pedigree, new projects from Double Fine are typically cause for celebration. It will be interesting to see what the company has been working on, once it is ready to show the public the fruits of its labors.

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CalicoReidso loving the multiple new games news from them

can't wait to see what games they have in store for us

How can you love them if they're not out and haven't been announced yet? :p


No surprise given that they've been bought out by Xbox...


loving the multiple new games news from them

can't wait to see what games they have in store for us


Love to see all the new games coming ! The last 2 years have been crazy

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