Street Fighter 6 – JP Theme Music Revealed

In the lead up to Street Fighter 6’s launch, Capcom has been shining the spotlight aplenty on each of the characters that’ll be starring in the fighter’s launch roster of characters, and the attention has now turned to one of its newcomers.

Johann Pavlovich, or JP, will be one of several new characters to be introduced to the series with the upcoming Street Fighter 6, and Capcom has released his main theme for the game. Relatively older as compared to many others in the roster, he’s certainly got more than experience on his side, and cuts an imposing figure with his towering and muscular frame (not to mention that cane). JP’s theme music, which you can check out below, definitely highlights his striking presence.

Street Fighter 6 is due out on June 2 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PC.

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Sound tracks can really make or break games... this ain't really my jam!


decent enough therme musiic for JP


Soundtrack is half the game for games like these lol.

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