Ironwood Studios Releases The First Pacific Drive Gameplay

Developer Ironwood Studios has finally revealed our first look at its upcoming first-person driving survival mystery, Pacific Drive.

The new trailer focuses on the customization possibilities around your vehicle and teases more about the kind of hostility you’ll face when going out on a drive.

We also see just how tense and thrilling it can be to make it back to the safety of your garage just as things start going absolutely insane during what’s known as “The Instability.”

You can check out the trailer for yourself, here.

Pacific Drive was revealed last September during a State Of Play event, giving us our first eerie look into The Zone. This trailer is a lot more action-oriented almost, and shows off a more adventurous side to the gameplay.

It all together makes Pacific Drive look a lot more interesting, though the only disappointing aspect is the lack of a release date beyond a window of 2023.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more concrete news soon, maybe even at an upcoming State Of Play event.

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There are so many of these survival games coming out lately! Car focused ones really don't do it for me though...


they should've made this as a 3rd person game


Looks alright but personally getting tired of 1st person games.

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