Soul Hackers 2 Is Reportedly Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass

According to a tweet from reliable leaker eXtas1stv, Devil Survivor: Soul Hackers 2 may soon be added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. EXtas1stv has a credible history of successfully leaking Microsoft and Bethesda-related news, such as the arrival of Goldeneye 007 on Game Pass, the May release date of RedFall, and footage from Kojima's upcoming game Overdose.

It's worth noting that the current version of Soul Hackers 2 is quite different from its original release, as ِATLUS has made a number of updates in response to feedback from critics and fans. Upon its initial release, the game received mixed reviews and did not meet ATLUS' sales expectations. However, the company remains confident that the game has the potential for long-term success, and the updates are aimed at realizing that potential.

For the heroine Ringo, a new dash ability has been added, allowing players to adjust her traversal speed to their liking. In addition, the Assassin's Steps skill has been updated, replacing its original movement speed boost bonus with a new effect that allows her to temporarily go unnoticed by enemies. The pacing of combat has also been adjusted, allowing players to toggle between normal and fast-paced combat with the "Speed Up" mode.

Other changes have been made to improve the overall game experience, such as reducing the length of loading screen tips, adjusting the frequency of enemy spawns in dungeons, and changing the skill inheritance rates during Demon Fusion. Additionally, a new feature has been included that allows players to teleport directly to shops from the town map. Thanks to these updates, and the potential for a release on Xbox Game Pass, Soul Hackers may attract a new player base.

Still retaining ATLUS' Jungian DNA, Soul Hackers 2 crafts a story in which the protagonists — the Soul Hackers — venture into virtual dungeons to confront their own beliefs and question what it means to have a soul in a world where the line between man and machine is constantly blurred, all while unraveling the sinister plans behind a dark conspiracy. The game is currently available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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I have time for nothing on Game Pass other than Atomic Heart (once I am reunited with my Xbox...)


Oh hell yeah!!

can't wait, will be great


Runts Nicee. I seen game pass will be gone or have big changes soon though since the games lose sales over it.

Yeah it does seem to be the case, but they are surely making money in other ways by putting their games on it...


Nicee. I seen game pass will be gone or have big changes soon though since the games lose sales over it.

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