Starfield Appears To Let You Loot Defeated Ships

Although its release is still a good ways off, fans eager to get their hands on Starfield seem to have located a game feature that will allow the looting of defeated spaceships, seemingly with little to no effort required.

While the team behind the game has said multiple times during the long development process that it is walking the line between hard and soft sci-fi, the discovery, as pointed out by PCGamesN, seems like one that will suspend reality to ease the burden on players of collecting loot from enemy ships.

The recent revelation comes from a miniscule two seconds of footage from a 15-minute gameplay trailer that publisher Bethesda released all the way back in June. Despite the camera whipping around to follow the action, the ever-so-brief snippet showed what appears to be some sort of loot box appearing in a location where an enemy ship had just exploded after being defeated by the player. Occurring just before the 11:45 mark in the footage trailer, it isn't clear at this point whether the loot will be recovered automatically or manually, or whether that's what the object is in the first place.

With heavyweight franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls also awaiting their next big releases, Bethesda seems to be trying to build Starfield into the deep-space equivalent to the big-name high-fantasy and post-apocalyptic RPGs, even going so far as to borrow an annoying fan-like character from the Imperial City Arena. Game Director Todd Howard revealed back in October that Starfield already included close to 253,000 lines of voiced dialogue, more than doubling the amount included in Fallout 4 and quadrupling the total in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, whic are both massive games in their own right.

Starfield is a hotly anticipated game, having received a heavy marketing treatment from Bethesda, and it's already one of our top RPGs to watch for this year. Fans will have to remain patient, as there is still no official release date, but its support page on the publisher's official website is indicating that it will make its debut in the first half of this year exclusively for Xbox consoles.

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CalicoReidso should always be able to loot defeated anything in any game tbh

One would imagine that space ships are something of a different matter.... in most games just ammo is enough.


should always be able to loot defeated anything in any game tbh


Well I would hope so ! That's half of the fun


Should be a great game. I love Bethesda open world games, so I expect I'll dig this as well.
One would expect it to be difficult to locate a downed ship, seemingly not...

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