PlayStation VR2 Gets Official Unboxing Video

Sony has released a new video showcasing the unboxing experience for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset. The video, featuring Kei Yoneyama of PlayStation’s global product strategy and management, shows off what you can expect when you buy the PlayStation VR2.

The 9-minutes-long video goes step by step in the PlayStation VR2 unboxing experiences, including giving quite a bit of attention to the headset’s packaging. Included in the PlayStation VR2 box, alongside the headset and controllers, are stereo headphones, and a USB cable to charge the controllers. Check out the unboxing video below.

Recently, one of the major launch titles for PlayStation VR2—Horizon Call of the Mountain—went gold. This means that primary development on the game has been completed and it is on track to be released on its slated release date alongside the PlayStation VR2 headset on February 22.

Sony recently also revealed that, despite lower sales forecasts for the headsets, it will not be lowering the production numbers for the PlayStation VR2.

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Looks like they've really doubled down on this. Bad forecasts and they're still pumping out games left right and centre!


definitely better than the first VR

the wands/sticks weren't a great idea to have for it


Sweeet. Looks so clean Sonys accessories are made good I'll say

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