Nintendo Won't Be Reducing Switch Price Despite Stagnant Sales

In a translated Q&A session following Nintendo’s financial results briefing, company president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed the company has no plans to change the current pricing strategy of the Nintendo Switch (spotted by Eurogamer).

In response to a question regarding future pricing strategies, Furukawa answered “As we continue the Nintendo Switch business over the long term, we have tried to preserve the value and prices of both hardware and software as much as possible. We do not believe that policy needs to be changed at this point.”

Furukawa spoke further about the current status of the Nintendo Switch, saying “The Nintendo Switch will soon enter its seventh year and has sold over 120 million units cumulatively, and we believe that it is entering uncharted territory in Nintendo’s dedicated video game platform business. In this environment, it will not be easy to maintain hardware sales at the same pace as before.”

He continued, “For this reason, our new challenge for the seventh year is finding ways to encourage users who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases and additional purchases to pick up a Nintendo Switch.”

“We believe that both new titles and evergreen titles can create opportunities for new users to purchase hardware. Furthermore, maintaining engagement with the hardware can lead to the introduction of new software.”

Despite the Nintendo Switch recently becoming the third-best-selling video game console of all time, sales continue to decline year after year. To illustrate, Nintendo Switch sales were down 22.9% between Q1 of the 2022 financial year and Q1 of the 2023 financial year. The Nintendo Switch is currently priced at $299 in the United States, while the Nintendo Switch OLED is $349.

Though the pricing of the Nintendo Switch will remain consistent, the platform's games are now being priced on a “case by case basis.” This statement came as a result of the news that the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is being priced at $69.99, a first for the Switch.

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You'd think they would given the drop in sales and the age of the console... But after such good sales, this dip could just be an anomaly.


Switch is at a decenmt price, but the games could be sold a little lower though


I don't think they should anyways it's fine at the price it is.

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